Question for Mr. Holness



You know, it’s funny. Well, no. It isn’t.

At 8:25am on November 15, 2013 I tweeted:

The day before, Jamaica learned that Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller had reinstated Mr. Richard Azan – junior minister in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing. This, after a report by the Office of the Contractor General concluded that Mr. Azan acted in a “politically corrupt” manner with regard to the construction of shops in the Spalding market. I commented on the OCG’s findings in this blog post.

(Perhaps you’ll recall as well that subsequent to his reinstatement Mr. Azan had filed papers in the Supreme Court seeking a judicial review of the Contractor General’s findings.)

Later that day (November 15), in a totally unrelated matter, news broke that resignation letters by Mr. Arthur Williams and Mr. Christopher Tufton were submitted to the Governor General without their knowledge/consent.

My responses to the issue:

And a few days later…

I won’t rehash the court history. Nor will I attempt to apply a legal analysis to this matter – I am not qualified to do so. Let’s move on.

On February 6, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that Holness’ actions were inconsistent with the Constitution. You may find the ruling here (thanks to Nationwide Radio for uploading it).

On February 24, 2015 we learn that Mr. Holness has filed an appeal against the ruling by the Constitutional Court.

In light of these developments I ask Mr. Holness this:

How, and by what standard, will you hold yourself (and continue to hold others) accountable?


– @MizDurie, @THINKJamaica